March of the suits

You damned spoiled autistic child

Dragging me to you with your eyes closed

And your teeth clenched

Dragging, pushing me away as your madness wishes.

You spoiled creature of the flesh

Toying senseless with my mind

Laughing, hysterically grinning

Killing people of my kind.

‘Gold I can all of you give,

Grab my hand and step on in,

Dream I dare you, dream sweet kid

All the treasures I shall give’.

Thus you welcomed us at dawn

Evil witch with rotten teeth

Grabbing us right by the soul

Children armies pulling in.

Laughing at our purest smiles

Slapped us with your worldy vice

Scarring deeply one by one

Arms and cheeks and feeble hearts.

Here we stand with closed down souls

Flesh machines all trained to make it

To dig for that pot of gold.

Eyes wide open, minds shut down

We all follow your damned path.

Hunting, chasing, running down

Faithful servants of the ounce

Of the ounce, barrel and bill

Armies of egos in suits

Follow blindly your deaf call

Trained to feel not and not give

Trained to take, to grab and steal.

Thus we march

Us, empty puppets

Thus we run to the end line

Dreaming secretly we’d get to

The one place we left behind

On that dawn, with those pure smiles

When you dragged us to your darkness

You damned spoiled autistic child.