Tips and Tricks – ”Do”s and ”Don’t”s

Reaching almost half my life (don’t try to guess my age, we all have our own view on our life span😀) this is what I learned:

  • As long as you can ‘serve’ other people and their interests, you’re a good guy to keep around. As soon as you stop doing things for others, you turn into the bad guy and get discarded. So don’t try to please everybody hoping that they will all like you. You will only end up a miserable tool.
  • Get used to the idea that nobody gives a flying fuck about your needs or feelings. This way you won’t get disappointed as much.
  • Speak your mind no matter what. Your words and actions define you as a person. If you keep telling people what they want to hear and censor yourself you will only turn into a broken mirror image of the people around you.
  • Say ‘thank you’ whenever the case and don’t expect to be thanked in return. Nobody does that anymore.
  • People are guilty until proven otherwise. (This will also spare you a lot of disappointments and unpleasant surpises)
  • Learn from every experience and from those of others. A lesson not learned is a mistake you’re bound to repeat.
  • Don’t blindly respect the elderly just because you were told you are supposed to. They’re not wisemen, they’re just people with more mistakes than you and more morally corrupt (since they’ve been here long enough).
  • Don’t hurt other people in order to get what you want. That never works out in the long run.
  • Always have a plan. That will prepare you for the various outcomes of different situations and this way you won’t be left wondering what to do.
  • Don’t become a slave of food. People whose eyes glow at the sight of a meal are just sad and pathetic.
  • Also, don’t spend your precious time planning a meal. It’s not a ritual that’s gonna add meaning to your day. It’s just food. Eat it and get back to your life.
  • Don’t try to seem someone you’re not. It would be like wearing a see-through raincoat on your bare skin.
  • Clothes are only meant to cover your body. Spend too much time worrying about the ‘outside’ of you and pretty soon you’ll turn into an empty mannequin.
  • Don’t fear death but don’t wish it either. For the living, death is just a word. It’s only for the dead that it means anything.
  • Don’t waste your time eavesdropping. It will never bring you any good news.
  • Don’t kid yourself thinking you have friends. You will only have a friend at a time. Man is built that way.
  • Learn at least two foreign languages. In this day and age speaking only your native tongue almost makes you an illiterate.
  • Try to play an instrument, try painting or any form of art. You’ll be good at one of them, it will bring you joy and as it turns out it can be an efficient outlet.
  • Don’t let your outlet be another human being (especially not your own child). It won’t be fair to them and it won’t help you either.
  • Don’t see your child as a means to complete yourself. Think of yourself as a means to complete your child.
  • Never let anyone see you cry. ”Releasing bodily fluids” should always be done in private.
  • Embrace music. It will be a faithful companion.
  • Always consider other people’s feelings. It’s not rewarding but it would be a sin not to.
  • Don’t treasure gold and precious stones. It’s just stuff dug out of the ground. Just because other people like to think they’re valuable doesn’t actually make them valuable.
  • Love. It’s one of the few things that will add meaning to you as a human being and to your life.
  • Read. Books not glossy magazines. It will broaden your horizon and will send your mind to places it wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.
  • Don’t dread work and don’t see it as a way to pay for your food. It will never bring you any satisfaction if you do. And always know the value of your work. Settle for less that you deserve and you’ll be a puppet. Ask for more and probably you’ll get as much as you actually deserve.
  • If you want something done, do it yourself. You’ll end up doing just that anyway so you might as well save some time and brain cells.
  • Don’t envy others and don’t try to be like them. Build your own self.

… I guess the list remains open.

What did your own life teach YOU?

I’d really appreciate your views so feel free to leave a comment.

March of the suits

You damned spoiled autistic child

Dragging me to you with your eyes closed

And your teeth clenched

Dragging, pushing me away as your madness wishes.

You spoiled creature of the flesh

Toying senseless with my mind

Laughing, hysterically grinning

Killing people of my kind.

‘Gold I can all of you give,

Grab my hand and step on in,

Dream I dare you, dream sweet kid

All the treasures I shall give’.

Thus you welcomed us at dawn

Evil witch with rotten teeth

Grabbing us right by the soul

Children armies pulling in.

Laughing at our purest smiles

Slapped us with your worldy vice

Scarring deeply one by one

Arms and cheeks and feeble hearts.

Here we stand with closed down souls

Flesh machines all trained to make it

To dig for that pot of gold.

Eyes wide open, minds shut down

We all follow your damned path.

Hunting, chasing, running down

Faithful servants of the ounce

Of the ounce, barrel and bill

Armies of egos in suits

Follow blindly your deaf call

Trained to feel not and not give

Trained to take, to grab and steal.

Thus we march

Us, empty puppets

Thus we run to the end line

Dreaming secretly we’d get to

The one place we left behind

On that dawn, with those pure smiles

When you dragged us to your darkness

You damned spoiled autistic child.