Pain is weird isn’t it? You’re tempted to hate it but then you realize it’s how you learn; about yourself, about others. So you try to chase the hating feelings away till it’s just you two left: you and the pain staring each other in the eye, raising eyebrows, grinning teeth.

I made a poll here a while ago. Is it better to wear your heart on your sleeve and risk getting hurt or should we protect it in an attempt to keep the pain away? Two thirds of the people who took part in the poll opted for wearing your heart on your sleeve. Do you think that’s best?

Time after time i find myself coming back to this place. My den if you will. I drag my wounded limbs back here, leaving blood stains all over the place. I look back and i see it’s all happened before. So what’s the lesson that keeps escaping me? What am I failing to learn? That people will always hurt you cause it’s their nature to put their needs first without a second thought? I’ve learned that. That you’re bound to get hurt somehow just because you’re alive? I’ve learned that too.

I seem to miss that precious lesson that will keep my soul from bleeding.

Any advice?

Perpetuum Jazzile

What you’re about to see is a sample of beauty. It’s things like this that make me feel that the humanity is not lost yet. Enjoy!

*Courtesy of jantrost

For more info about the choir check out their official website.

Rest in peace

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

Words are too small for such a moment. Thank you for passing by and changing our world! Rest in peace!

* Video courtesy of Manzil016

… and many more

As I’m approaching 1.000 views I’m thinking it’s time to thank the people who read my posts or listened to the songs on here. The stats tell me that one picture in particular sent the most viewers to my page so here’s thanks to the author of the pic (starry_eyed_kid – don’t know the person but ‘well done mate’ :D). And more thanks to the almost 1.000 people who stopped by (most of them looking like they know a thing or two about broken hearts, feeling broken etc since that’s what they were looking for when probably Google sent them here).

So long story short, here’s the infamous picture

and a gift to you all. Enjoy and come again!

Hearts and Stuff

Glad to see that the XXX term is no longer the most popular search term that sends people to my page. Instead, broken heart matters seem to direct people here. Not sure if that makes me happy or sad. I’m happy that the quality of my visitors has risen but i’m sad to see that many people struggle with a wounded heart. But then again, that seems to be what life is about. Finding ways to cope with a broken heart and finding ways not to get your heart broken in the first place. I’m not just talking about lovers matters. There are plenty of ways your fragile heart can be wounded. If someone gets close enough to you, they get instant access to the “breaking of your heart service”. That is if you’re young enough, inexperienced enough, naive enough to think that your heart should be exposed. But it seems that if you protect yourself too much, you can’t “taste” many of life’s pleasures (love, closeness, friendship) and if you don’t protect yourself and leave your heart out for everyone to see, you risk getting hurt.

Here’s a poll to see how you guys go about it:

P.S. The beautiful photo above was created by NUFORMS. Thanks for the comment.


Pushing, nudging, pulling, dragging

Hit me when I’m down again

Smile at me and then just rob me

Of the little strength within.

Smile again and ask for peace

Your own peace of mind that is

Ask and give not

Ask and steal

Then place blame

And more conceal.

And I’m here, still here I am

Asking not but keep on giving

Your accessory to living

To push, nudge or pull and drag.