bck to brkn

Do you feel more like this rather than prancing around singing about halos??

Who’s with me?

halo … hello!! … hell!!!

Here’s how it starts. I hear this song and I think: “woow, that’s great. i can totally relate”. After some time I hear this song and go “Yeah, right”. But that’s just for a few moments till “Hell, F#*k, Damn” kicks in.

Happened to anyone else?

Nasty feeling. Just like hearing Santa’s not for real.


Pain is weird isn’t it? You’re tempted to hate it but then you realize it’s how you learn; about yourself, about others. So you try to chase the hating feelings away till it’s just you two left: you and the pain staring each other in the eye, raising eyebrows, grinning teeth.

I made a poll here a while ago. Is it better to wear your heart on your sleeve and risk getting hurt or should we protect it in an attempt to keep the pain away? Two thirds of the people who took part in the poll opted for wearing your heart on your sleeve. Do you think that’s best?

Time after time i find myself coming back to this place. My den if you will. I drag my wounded limbs back here, leaving blood stains all over the place. I look back and i see it’s all happened before. So what’s the lesson that keeps escaping me? What am I failing to learn? That people will always hurt you cause it’s their nature to put their needs first without a second thought? I’ve learned that. That you’re bound to get hurt somehow just because you’re alive? I’ve learned that too.

I seem to miss that precious lesson that will keep my soul from bleeding.

Any advice?