As if

The world as a stage

The skin as a cage

The soul with no age

I’m choking in fear.

The breath as a choke

The world as a joke

The touch as a poke

I’m breathing the fear.

The wind as a flame

The life as a blame

The face as a shame

I’m seeing the fear.

The sight as a blade

The light as a shade

The heart as a spade

I’m running in fear.

The run as a leak

The dream as a peak

The find as a seek

I’m screaming in fear.

The voice as a roar

The feel as a soar

The day as before

I’m living the fear.

The living as dieing

The speaking as lieing

The looking as prying

I’m fearing the fear.

The smile as a cry

The kind as a sly

The take as a buy

I’m treading on fear.


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