Carefully stepping
Carefully speaking
Carefully living
In a world with no care.

All the screaming from within

Scratches me from inside out

All the pictures from back when

Come at me with bloody mouth.

Hiding in myself, all little

Patching myself with a smile

Faking life and faking living

Blindfolded I start to run.

Run away or towards something

Leaving the old me behind

Packed my fears and shame together

Tied them all behind my back.

Freed myself or so I thought

Just to see it all come back.

Rusted swords that cut too deep

Followed me throught the journey

Stared at me with maddened grins

Sadist witness in their glory.

One big circle was my road

Spiraling inside my mind

Grabbing my soul by the neck

Kicking and slapping me deaf.

Laugh old friend

Laugh and be happy

You’re still here inside of me

Eating at the core that’s rotting

Dreaming of the day that be.

As if

The world as a stage

The skin as a cage

The soul with no age

I’m choking in fear.

The breath as a choke

The world as a joke

The touch as a poke

I’m breathing the fear.

The wind as a flame

The life as a blame

The face as a shame

I’m seeing the fear.

The sight as a blade

The light as a shade

The heart as a spade

I’m running in fear.

The run as a leak

The dream as a peak

The find as a seek

I’m screaming in fear.

The voice as a roar

The feel as a soar

The day as before

I’m living the fear.

The living as dieing

The speaking as lieing

The looking as prying

I’m fearing the fear.

The smile as a cry

The kind as a sly

The take as a buy

I’m treading on fear.