No Joke

I joined the rest of the civilized world and went to see The Dark Knight and this is what i left with: The Joker was the good guy … ha ha, why so serious? Batman seemed to me like a big show off – with his fancy cars, fine restaurants, loads of money, servants and ballerinas. Dent seemed like a decent guy but too much of a movie hero wannabe to accomplish much. And the good old Joker seemed like a guy whom the world drove nuts (and who’s to blame him?). So between bullets, chasing cars and partying, the rest of the characters switch from hero to villain (more or less) while our Joker stays true to his chaotic dream, wanting to destroy everything. Everything (as he knows it) meaning lack of affection, dirty money, crime and mob. When you think about it, he didn’t have such bad plans after all, the means to the end being a little less orthodox. But, like Tyler Durden says ‘It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything’. So ladies and gentlemen, here’s a free man. Now, if we think he’s the bad guy, aren’t we just a bit jealous? Ha ha, why so serious?


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