blank page syndrome

Starting a new blog today, a new post, a new story or just telling old stories … yep, blank page syndrome. There’s a certain perfection to a blank page that you don’t wanna spoil with your random letters and thoughts. And still, here i am tainting the purity of the blank page with this rant. It’s not all too bad though since it’s a virtual page we’re talking about so not much harm done. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to start writing on paper and so easy to write (and delete and write and delete) here. The paper has that quality of keeping both your good ideas and the mistakes reminding you that you’re in no way a writer but more of a scratcher. (blah blah….no wait, scratch that). Here, the backspace and delete keys are my biggest supporters, ready to jump in whenever i need them to, my accessories to writing (who will never get blamed or convicted though … hm, lucky them). No, i’m in no way forgetting the other keys that patiently await my strokes, all of them laying down at my finger tips just like saying: ‘Hey, it’s all written down here, everything. You just pick whatever your brain wants to read’. So here i go, me the writer-reader-writer …


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